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80 brilliant present ideas For Christmas 2016


We would tell you how many days are left until Christmas, but we don't want to scare you. Alright, it's 47.
But don't worry: we're here to help by taking the pain and effort out of your seasonal shopping. In the linked articles, you'll find dozens of inspired gift ideas, all just a click away. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find something for that certain special someone in your life. Particularly if that certain special someone is you.
Read on for guaranteed* Christmas day success.
*Christmas day success not actually guaranteed, just highly likely

Christmas gift ideas for: cyclists

Two-wheeled whizzkids generally love nothing more in life than their road-rolling runaround. And, while they shouldn't have favourites, trying to understand or, god forbid, find a replacement for their much-loved pedaller is like a pot-holed path to purgatory.
Instead, accessorise. Let them keep their wheels as you supply them with every possible light, lock, jacket and, of course, coffee table cycling companion.
Best of all, fitting up your fitness-insistent friend with brilliant bolt-ons means they'll spend most of the day in the garage - so no more protracted discussions about the benefits of carbon cross-beams and the mighty shaved leg.
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Christmas Gift Ideas for: watch lovers

Horology is a perplexing fascination. Is it the endless ticking? The pleasing circularity of time?
No-one knows, but we all have a friend (or several) who love a good watch or clock (or both). Save precious seconds by perusing our list of top tick-tocking gifts. Best of all, these should be presents that stand the test of time.
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Christmas Gift Ideas for: photographers

When it comes to camera kit it can be a real present-purchasing minefield. Don't know your prime from your telephoto? Baffled by bags? Confused by lens caps? Don't be.
Anything from this cracking compendium of trigger-happy tech will bring a smile to the face of photography fans - which, of course, they'll instantly be able to capture from several different angles, correctly exposed and beautifully-framed.
Hey, who knows: maybe they'll do your next passport photo for free.
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Christmas Gift Ideas for: design lovers

That carbon-fibre Christmas tree. Those jelly baubles. The tinsel made of steam. Design decisions don't always go to plan, but they almost always get you noticed - and the festive season is the perfect time to give the gift of quirky kit.
Almost always placing function over form, this here is a collection of largely useless, fantastically designed prezzies.
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Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 15 gadget gift ideas for travellers

Ah, travel - truly the tonic of the soul. Reclining on some faraway beach, Mojito in hand; trekking up a rugged mountain slope to catch the sunrise; haring it down an America highway in a drop-top: whatever tickles your far-flung fancy, there's no better answer to winter blues.
That is, until your battery runs out, your shampoo gets all over your toothbrush and you buy so many clothes that you run out of space to bring them home.
We feel your pain. That's why we've compiled this list of the top tech for footloose festive flyers.


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