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Decorating Christmas Cakes 2015

Fancy making a homemade Christmas cake this year? It's easy with our selection of simple Christmas cake recipes.

One of the best Christmas traditions, Christmas cakes can be made up to three months in advance so you can get into the spirit nice and early with some Christmas baking.

Our fruit cake recipes have beautiful festive Christmas designs that will be perfect for any parties you are having or for a classic dessert after your Christmas dinner.

To make a Christmas cake you simply make up the sponge and feed it your chosen liquor (don't worry we also have alcohol-free versions!) over the weeks to get an extra depth of flavour and then decorate a few days before Christmas.

You'll be a Christmas cake pro by the time we're done with you. Not only do we have these Christmas cake recipes, we also have a step-by-step guide to how to cover a Christmas cake, a video recipe for this pretty star design cake

Not a fan of the traditional Christmas cake? We've also got alternative ideas for festive cakes such as stollen, panforte and chocolate tortes.

Every year I do a Christmas cake. It’s a tradition I keep and enjoy. I used to make decorated cookies. But for the past few years I decided to make a cake instead of the cookies. I miss doing the cookies but time will just not allow me to do both.
I decided to do a blog to answer the questions that people ask me when I post a
cake. All the green letters are links to the products.

Here is the naked cake. 

I wanted a Christmas style cake so I definitively wanted green in it.
The fondant I used for the green came from Renshaw. Most of you might
not have heard of them. They are a British company that over 100 years
experience in baking and cake decorating.

I was completely pleased with
this fondant. Often times dark
colors in other brands of fondant
tend to crack, but Renshaw did not crack, the flavor was good and
it was easy to work with.
For the bottom 2 tiers, I used my homemade white fondant. I will post that as soon as I can do a video tutorial on how to make it.
I used Luck’s Classic Gold Shimmer with my Airbru Classic Gold Shimmer airbrush color from Luckssh to color the cake. I love to airbrush a cake but one thing you need to know is that airbrushing will make any small crack look more like a crater. Especially if you try to airbrushed too fast and make the fondant too wet.When it
is too wet it will begin to dissolve the fondant.
I suggest you give it a coat of color and let it dry in between coats to get a better finish. In between drying sessions I keep working with other details of the cake. This way I move faster.


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